Ascribo - die Kreativ Software©

Ascribo - the creative Software ©

Ascribo - the creativ Software©for authors, Blogger and other script writers. Tools to develop of efficient idea connections.

Inspires by the E-Book  "Kreativ mit der Matrix"from Richard Norden, this program has been developed.

Each he writes, the finiteness of an index card or a sheet knows. Everybody which has read "Kreativ mit der Matrix" finds the way fast, however, it should be no condition.

Our aspiration was to develop a program, uncomplicated to be used, which offers a many-sided flexibility to the user to collect his idea connections. The concentration on the writing had to be in the foreground, no thought whether was already stored should affect annoyingly the writing.
The development in java allowed us to offer the program for three different platforms (operating systems).Besides an adaptable export function had to go to author´s program be integrated(e.g. Scrivener, papyrus author) to afford seamless going on writing.

Ascribo - the creativ Software© it should be effective and intuitive, so it was very important to us to include Richard Norden in the development.
Also wishes, suggestions of different Betatesters (Blogger, editors) were incorporated. We also gave   many thougths along of the price ( in very rare cases authors have a lot of money) and now after just 18-month of design and development we have reached it and we think it is worthwhile and low priced.

Ascribo - the creativ Software© can be tested 30 days in the full extent there are no litmitations in its functionality. Therefore we enable to everybody to check Ascribo - the creativ Software© in detail. In case you like it, we would be glad about a positive purchase decision.

We wish everyone a lot of fun and creativity with Ascribo - the creativ Software©.

Dezember 2014 - Andiamo-Media© Team